Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dining From the Wrong Pot

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.
Psalm 34:8

Hooooooooooo dowgiez, yesterday was crazy! Amidst a slew of appointments and preparing for Ash Wednesday services, I also remembered that my family and my dogs needed dinner before I left for the evening. As I didn't have time to hit the feed store for more dog food, I went ahead and made dinner for everyone at once. While the linguini and clam sauce (the humans' dinner) boiled away in anticipation for their blessed union, a stock pot full of brown rice, oats, chicken and carrots simmered for my canine companions. Before flying out the door to yet another appointment before service, I quickly told my beloved (who had offered to stay home with our VERY tired, crabby children) when everyone's dinner would be ready.

While driving home from service, I called my hubby to check in. By the fatigue in his voice, I could tell that my little princes had been far from charming. He mentioned that they were both in bed and had not even asked for bedtime snack, they were so tired. When I asked him if he'd had enough to eat, he said, "It was yummy-- I just picked out the carrots."

Confused, I tried to think of where he would have found carrots in the linguine. Then I remembered the dog food and began to try to find a non-alarming way to tell my husband whose dinner he had consumed! While I mulled that over, I heard laughter on the other line. That stinker was messing with my head! Relieved, amused and annoyed all at once, I told him he'd be eating with the dogs permanently if he wasn't nice to me.

Later that night, I thought about what would have happened if he really had eaten "puppy porridge" instead of the "people pasta." Clearly, it wouldn't have hurt him-- it was made from all "human-grade" food in our pantry. As it consisted of whole grains, vegetables and protein, he certainly would have received a nutritious meal. However, the thought of rice, oats, canned chicken and carrots simmering together with just a pinch of salt and some parsley doesn't exactly make me hungry. It would have been bland as all get out and VERY mushy-- ideal for a dog, but not too appetizing for my husband!

There are times when we plan our future in a similar fashion. Our plans make sense, would fulfill our needs and seem to come together easily-- thus, we assume that we are following God's will for our lives. Little do we know, we are settling for a mushy, bland existence when God has something far more amazing planned for us. No one would want to miss out on God's plans, but how do we know what his will is?

Just as listening to me prevented my husband from eating puppy porridge, spending quiet time with God can help us to better understand his perfect will for us. It"s not easy for me to sit quietly for ANY reason; I wonder how often that has resulted in a bland, mushy life. Hmmmmm ... food for thought ..

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